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Santa visits Hockessin Neighborhoods!

Santa has visited several area neighborhoods over the past week and has been a big hit!  He will be finishing up this Sunday by visiting the neighborhood listed below. We will be getting started at 11:00am.  Schedule is subject to change due to weather.


12/21/14                              Stoneridge

12/21/14                              Manley

12/21/14                              Heatherton

12/21/14                              Gateway Farms

12/21/14                              Hickory Hill

12/21/14                              Charter Oaks

12/21/14                              Hockessin Woods

12/21/14                              Gateway Townhomes

12/21/14                              Southwood

12/21/14                              Piersons Ridge

12/21/14                              Vallebrook

12/21/14                              Stenning Woods

12/21/14                              Southwood Estates

12/21/14                              Hills of Hockessin

12/21/14                              Wellington Hills